Hi guys-I am new to this forum.
I have been doing a bit of homework both online and in this forum about the Treo 650. However, there is no better advice then to hear from actual product owners.
I will be attending med school in Aug and our school requires us to get PDA's. However, since I am moving and need to get a new phone etc. I figured why not just get everything wraped in one. Thus, I was looking at the Treo 650 GSM, but had a few questions I was hopeing you could help me out with.
A. I like the way most PDA's allow a wireless keyboard to be used allowing someone to say.. take notes in class. I understand the Treo offers this option too, but has anyone used this feature and does it work well?
B. is it easy to download files onto the Treo like most PDA's, or will the Treo accept only certain files? (i.e say I wanted to download a file on pharmacology meds that I could easily download on say a Tungeston PDA will it download just as easily on the Treo?) Also what about downloading from say the Treo to your home computer-have any of you run into any problems?
C. it seems like the Treo does everything, thus how is the battery life? I know the specs say 350min talking time, but what about using the PDA, web browsing etc..Do you feel that the battery is up to par?
D. Lastly do you have anything negative to say about the Treo 650? Or anything that your found problematic about it?
Thank you for your advice. I know my questions are a bit general, but as a broke student I want to make sure that I get enough feedback before I spend a lot of money.
My other option is to get a PDA and phone independantly, which would you advise?
Thanks again.