Since I have had the hardest time trying to decipher all the deals, prices, etc (my fault for trying to do it online, I know), I thought I would ask all the vZw customers the following:
1.Where did you purchase your phone (vzw online/palmone/vzw store/agent store(not true vzw).
2. When did you purchase your phone?
3. If it was ordered, when did it arrive?
4. What was the total price you were quoted for your phone??
5. What was the total price you paid for your phone, not including sales tax? (please include shipping, if it was shipped).
6. What sort of deals brought the price of your phone down (NE2/customer loyalty/DDT on a _____/extra discount of x%/etc)?

I realize this is personal info, and if anyone wants to answer, it is purely voluntary so answer any or all or none, it's ok . I am asking because it seems that something is really skewed. At first glance, it looks like vZw is simply not being consistent across the board, but it may turn out that people are not purchasing their phones at the same places all the time. So far the lowest I have "seen" was $199.00 2 weeks ago o.0 Alas, there were no details as to where/when, so who knows if it was 100% truthful or another type of "special" deal? In theory, we should ALL be offered the same opportunities for purchase (unless you are not eligible for NE2 or customer loyalty. True, some get favours, and I can't even challenge that, but I think you know what I mean otherwise. If you decide to participate, thank you. If not, please forgive the intrusion and don't be offended for my asking. Thanks in advance.