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    Cradle Recommendations

    I know there have been a bunch of posts about this or that cradle, but I'd really like to find out what you all consider the best one out there. PalmOne is constantly out of stock on theirs, so maybe some alternatives?

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    I deleted my post on this after doing a WebFerret search, and was sent to quite a few websites. Looks like there are a plethora of them. Point of note: Until my Kyocera, I had always had cradles made of mostly plastic. The Kyo came with what has to be the best cradle I have ever seen up close. It was heavy enough to stay put- solid, (die cast?) metal, with a holder for a stylus and a spot to charge an extra battery. It was heavy enough to stay put. It also had serial *and* USB connectors, which made it work with even older puters. I never found a decent "portable" cradle, but I dealt with it. Compared to all the cradles my previous Palms came with, they were flimsy fragile excuses. I haven't read enough to make a more specific suggestion/opinion for the 650, ut I am sure you will get a few. Regardless, the same rule applies I am sure: you get what you pay for. I saw a few real metal ones, and most were around $30.00 USD (new). I use active sync, and SDBackup, but still like a tethered sync both at home and at the office, so this is a pretty decent price.
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    I have the palm cradle. The cradle was so important to me I didnt get a 650 until the cradle was shipped to me, which was about a week ago. It is heavier than past cradles and does stay put, though it is not metal. It is also the only cradle I now of where the charging and tether detach so that you can take them elsewhere if you want, like a foreign country if you don't want to take the whole cradle with you to save space. In addition, the cradle comes with three more plugs to adapt to international standards so you can take off the US plugs and slide in the French, or English, or whatever else one you want to use. It's pretty good, all things considered, and I'm glad to get it because I don't get any more time out of my 650 as I did from my 600 so the additional battery is essential. In fact I'm probably going to get a third battery, the consumption on the 650 is that high.

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