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    Looking for an E-mail client

    My current ISP won't allow me to send email through their server. I've noticed that some email clients (such as Aileron) allow you to use their servers to send while you still recieve from your regular server. Any recommendations on what to use?
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    That's simple to fix - don't use your ISP's SMTP server. Simply use a different one. It doesn't matter which one you use just as long as you can access one. Your name and Email address will still appear as though they're coming "from you" at your recipient's client. If your cellular service provider has an SMTP server, use that. Otherwise, I recommend you sign up for a "Member Account" on the FastMail (www.fastmail.fm ) service. That's what I use, via its authentication, for all of my computers and handhelds. It can be used from any computer or handheld with Email capability from anyplace on the planet that has data access.

    As far as an Email client goes, I recommend SnapperMail (www.snappermail.com). Though, I am biased because I work part time on their official support team.

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