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    Snapper Mail/Verizon Email Issue

    Okay, I received my 650 on Wednesday, that's the good news, but for the life of me can't get Snapper mail to "SEND" mail. I can get it to receive on 2 different accounts but not send. I callled Verizon and they've checked everything and claim I am configured correctly as:
    smtp = smtp.vzwmail.net
    user name (1) = myphoneno@vzwmail.net
    password (2) = verizon
    (1) of course I actually put my real mobile phone no. in where I put myphoneno
    (2) this password is the temporary one from Vtext they assigned and I redid and it was accepted.

    The error message I get in the conneciton log is "Invalid log in. Check username and password. Failed to Authorize to SMTP server on account Sprintmail. Server replied 535.5.7.0 authentication failed"

    Any suggestions?

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    Verizon's servers are quite flaky, and their support people are very inconsistent in the advice that they give out.

    You could try to generate a diagnostic log in SnapperMail and send it to "support@snappermail.com". Instructions for the diagnostic log are here -


    The information in the log will help track down the problem. Use one of the alternate methods listed in the instructions for sending the log file. Most likely though the response will be that you'll have to check your username and password again, and contact Verizon because it doesn't appear to be a SnapperMail problem. Rather it's a problem with Verizon's server.

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    Thanks a lot - I actually pursued the matter with Verizon. "flaky, and ...very inconsistent" indeed.

    Apparently what had happened was the Vtext password file on their system was corrupt? Not sure how the figured it out.
    Even after we changed the password it still wasn't working.

    FInally got to like a 3rd level support guy which was like talking to god himself. This guy really new his stuff and fixed the problem in 3 minutes.

    Why can't all calls go to a guy like that? Wouldn't life be easier.

    Oh well. on to the next issue....

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