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    VZF Treo 650-Mac & internet

    Didn't find this subject anywhere so thought I'd ask. If I missed the thread that answers this please direct me to it. Anyway here is my question: I am planning on upgrading from the 600 to the 650 this next week. I have just purchased a new G4 Mac 15" laptop with bluetooth and airport ready. My question is does anyone know if the Treo 650 (verizon) will sync with my bluetooth Mac laptop allowing me to access the internet. I currently use the AOL softeware for my Treo 600, but it is very limited (no pic's no downloads etc) and I really need full access on the road. I work in Atlanta & fly home to Texas on my days off. I am staying in my Motorhome in a campground without internet. Need to get back to having full internet soon because of my work. Tired of driving 20 miles to a coffee shop that has a DSL hookup. Thanks for any help

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    Your 650 will sync with the mac, meaning the two will be able to exchange information like addresses, datebook, etc. However, out of the box, the 650 will not be able to provide internet access for your mac. Two solutions I know of exist but am not sure if they have been tested on the Verizon 650.

    1. You can apply a patch to your phone from www.shadowmite.com to enable Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) on your 650 and this will allow you to use your 650 as a wireless laptop modem over Bluetooth

    2. You can try PDANet from www.junefabrics.com .

    Both these topics are covered extensively on this board so if you would like more information on them, you should try a quick search and that will likely yield some good information.

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    1. Step-by-step implementation of shadowmite's hack for Macs is given at:


    but success with Verizon seems to be mixed.

    2. PDAnet is for PC only, not Mac.

    3. There is an alternative to shadowmite's hack:

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