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    Angry No safety in SM backups...

    During my painful testing of PDA Defense, I had the opportunity (ha!) to restore my Verizon Treo 650 from backup multiple times.

    On my 7135, I have always used AdvBackup to backup to SM card, which has worked well and let me survive several nasty resets.

    I had just made a backup with it before installing PDA Defense, so I was confident of my ability to recover from the hard reset I experienced.

    Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case.

    AdvBackup would reset the 650 during the restore. It usually appeared to be on the DatebookDB file in the brief moment before the screen cleared.

    I had a backup on my PC that I was able to sync back, but I need a trustworthy SM backup solution for on the road.

    I downloaded the current version of BackupBuddyVFS, made a backup to card, and hard reset again!

    Start restore, things are going well...

    After some experimenting, I found that BackupBuddy was choking on NetworkDB. Removing that from the restore allows it to complete, and it seems successful.

    Of course, to do that you'll have to have the Professional version as the Personal doesn't let you choose what files to restore.

    Interestingly, BackupBuddy is excluding a bunch of files from the backup. It doesn't mention this while running, but if you look at the backup log these files are silently excluded:
    HSTraceDatabaseHead,MemoDB,PACE Data Store Reserve, PACERsrcDB*, PIMsSupportStatus-pdmE, Shim Logs, ToDoDB

    I assume the HSTrace, etc are being excluded to avoid crashes like the one above on restore. I don't know about the AddressDB, etc. Are these leftovers from upgrading my 7135?

    So, be careful if you're relying on SM-card based backup. If using BackupBuddyVFS, you'll need to exclude NetworkDB on restore. And watch out for data being silently removed from the backups.

    Anyone know a better program to recommend?

    (crashing my Treo so you don't have to)

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    Ah, and the Voicesignal voice-dialing app would not run after being restored. Had to reinstall it. Keep a copy of the installer on your SM card.

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    I use BackupMan, works great for restores on the road but doesn't restore the voice-dialing app like BackupBuddy as well.

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