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    Verizon 650 with MOU

    O.K., I know this has been discussed. I don't know what actually is happening, though.

    I have had my data MOU since my Kyo 7135. It died, and I was sent a Treo 600 as a replacement. Now, I want to get the 650.

    Will I lose my MOU?

    The data rep at my local corp store says "Absolutely not!" She says nothing on my current plan will change as long as I keep my current plan. If I change plans, she said I will lose MOU. If I don't change plans, I'll keep MOU.

    Is she right?

    Does anyone have MOU with the 650 on Verizon?

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    They woulnd't let me do it. Then again I was upgrading from a 7135 I had for 2 years to a 650. They (Verizon) claim the using MOU to connect was never part of any agreement they made with users. It's economics for them. I argued till I was blue in the face how unfair it was to force me into a data plan but the guy finally got to the point where he said he would not start the phone unless I agreed to some data plan. Which I took the min by min one. As Winston Churchill said "when you have them by the network there data plan will surely follow" or something like that.

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