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    Anyone know if there is an extendable antenna for the t6?

    I know this sounds silly, but I miss having a real antenna. I can tell a difference between the Treo's stub and the 7135 I had, which was already less than what I upgraded from before. Is there such a thing, tuned to the t6? I learned my lesson with those coils and such. Anyway, I thought I would ask. Thanks in advance.
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    of course the "stub" is the antenna. the difference is (IMHO) that the 7135 was also Analog so the antenna pulled out when you had a weak Analog signal. But having said that, i seem to remember that sometimes the digital signal was better by pulling out the Analog antenna.

    we have a locaton that is marginal digital verizon signal. i'll check it out this weekend. i know i had a better signal with the antenna out on the 7135.

    oh well, you gotta give up some things for more toys.

    i'd be interested to see if there's a connection at the bottom that will allow you to connect an external antenna (the 7135 didn't have that).
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