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    Question 7135 vs. T650 vs. i700


    I hve been a long time 7135 user and have been resisting change only because of the analog capabilities it has compared to the digital only T650.

    Has anyone who made the change form the 7135 noticed a huge difference in reception?

    Any regrets in making the change?

    Anyone waiting on the Samsung i700 this summer, or is the T650 the one to go with?

    What about the Verizon "must have" data plan? Any more insight now that some of you may have had the phone for a week or more?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have to admit that I am not thrilled with the reception on the 600 & now 650. But it is possible I am just imagining this. But the bells & whistles on a 650 outweigh the reception vs a 7135.

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