I know this is a sarcastic sounding post, it was not the most wonderful day at work or anywhere else. I played with my Treo all night, finally got all my settings, Network and programs like I wanted, and lo and behold, after lunch, I started getting a PPP timeout error. Turns out it's something they actually were familiar with at tech support, but can't fix, so now it looks like I am getting my Treo replaced. Because the Data Support team is outsourced, they don't have any replacement phones yet, so I get to go back and have to do the replacement at the store level. Of course, it's a holiday weekend, and they won't have any more till Thursday of next week.
*sigh* My 7135 just won't let me get rid of it, o.0

*Bangs head on desk...*

In the interim, if anyone else here want's me to read the manual to them for easily answered technical support questions, I will be happy to, ROFL.