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Thread: Keep Roaming

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    Keep Roaming

    Was wondering if anyone else has this problem... My phone has the Roam indicator on often... Also, Band Choice, I only have Home and Automatic, no Home, Auto-A, and Auto-B choice shown in the manual.

    Other than that, it works just fine.

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    I can think of two things that are ok, the rest might require a replacement or adjustment.

    1) If you are in an area with lots of foliage or obstructions (leaves, buildings) that could weaken your signal, you might be picking up a neighbouring carrier's transmitter. This would cause your phone to go into Roam even if you are in your home service area.

    2) IF you are in an area with more than one carrier's transmitter (this happens a lot), BUT that carrier's signal is stronger than yours, (or yours is really weak) for whatever reason, it may be Roaming, or switching back and forth to whatever is the greatest signal. Check your signal strength. On VeriZon you can hit *228 [SEND], and select option 2 to update your roaming list. (Call your carrier for the particular sequence you need). I do this whenever the bill cycle date rolls around, it helps that problem a lot (I have the multiple signals issue). Companies try to give each other updated codes to prevent this sort of thing, but with one company renting space on its tower to other carriers, it's hard to keep up with.

    I hope this helps
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