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    Question eGrip, EB, P6 pouch

    Does anyone know if eGrips work with the EB pouch case and P6 pouch case? I understand that the eGrips will come off if the cases are too tight.

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    eGrip, P6 pouch, inadvertent treo 650 turn on

    It's a month later so maybe moot for you, but I bought both and the answer is yes -- the egrips doesn't cause a problem slipping ht treo 650 in and out of the p6 pouch. I'm glad I applied the egrip -- it does make it more secure to handle.

    btw I like the p6 pouch a lot, with a big EXCEPT -- which is that, usually when sitting down, it sometimes results in the TREO turning on -- I have Keyguard on, but it still turns on, starts BEEPING, and often stays on -- it's as if there's some error condition. This is a pretty major problem -- I may post elsewhere for suggestions on this.

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