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    Question Using VoiceDial with 3rd party Contact Mgr

    I'm using KeySuite for my Outlook sync, which has worked very well. However, now that I try to install VoiceDial, I have an empty Palm contacts bank since KeyContacts uses it's own database.

    Anyone found a workaround for this?



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    I assume this is because your sync manager conduit settings for the Address Book are set to "do nothing", yes? When I first starting using KeySuite a while ago, I was told to do the same thing. However, I subsequently learned that it was OK to set the Address Book to syncronize. Many programs, like TakePhone and the Treo phone search, use the Palm contacts as the database. You just have to remember to make ALL changes on your handheld in KeySuite and not in the address book because, in a hot sync, Key Suite syncs before the address book. Otherwise it will take two syncs to get a change from the handheld's address book into Key Suite.
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