I just tried this Softick Card Export for the first time and it's amazing!

After installing a desktop version and a prc version, all I do is go to my Softick file on the 650 press connect to computer and it shows up as a drive letter under My Computer, letting me backup to desktop, create folders on the desktop, move files either way etc.

My question is this, I am planning on getting backup software for my 650. Is anyone using backup software that does the same thing that Softick card export does?

I'd hate to buy Card Export only to later find out that I have the same feature on my backup software, of which I have several to review and haven't done so yet.

I understand that there is backup software out there that will backup your Card, but will it see it as a drive letter on your desktop and allow you to do anything you want the way this software will?

Thanks in advance.