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    Unhappy Treo 650 Side Button - Can I get my command prompt back?

    I am 1 week into my kyo 7135 --> treo 650 conversion and loving it. Some apps still need to catch up to the new platform (e.g. HBX) but generally happy.

    I am VERY frustrated however with losing an easy way to access the command panel (in graffitti, the little menu at the bottom that would come up with context sensitive options e.g. copy, paste, etc.). It seems to me that the side button would be the perfect way to launch this. The only thing that seems to be mapped to this is an app launch with a LONG press. Anybody know any apps that would allow me to map the 'bottom-left-to-top-right' graffiti character (command line) to a SHORT press of the side button? Also, please advise if I missed something obvious.

    BTW. I am using newpen but it works variably to not at all in some applications (e.g. Blazer) that I would want command prompt access in.

    Thanks to all.

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    While I have not seen a command prompt button like the 7135 had, you can get the same effect by pressing the menu button then the letter.

    So for example paste is typically Command P - press Menu P and it will do the paste.

    Hope this helps - John

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    I'm pretty sure that McPhling is what you're looking for.

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