I asked this in the 'which smartphone' section but I think this might be a better place since it's more of a Treo 650 question at this point.
If mods feel it still should go in the other forum, move it!

I'm debating between a two-device setup of E2/Zodiac1 with a motorola Razr/V3 (connected via bluetooth) or a Treo 650. The cost is about the same (ouch).

It seems it would be easier to have only one device. I'd like to be able to call directly from my contacts instead of looking at one device and dialing on the other. My current pda, a visor edge, has webpages via plucker but I never remember to update them.

I'm still wondering though - have people that went from a phone+palm to a treo found that the treo:
1. still did the palm functions well enough?
2. functioned as a phone well enough?
so that they didn't miss the functionality/simplicity of the separate devices?

Thanks for your input.