I just did a hard reset and began rebuilding my 650. The only program I have installed so far is VersaMail, and I also entered my email settings. I am also synching with Outlook.

So I did a HotSynch after installing VersaMail, and during the process, I noticed the little "mail downloading" icon on the lower right corner of my laptop screen (the one that normally shows up when Outlook is downloading mail). It appeared to me that my laptop was downloading my mail as part of the HotSynch process. So after the HotSynch was done, I opened Outlook and found no new mail. Then I checked for mail, and Outlook downloaded 4 new messages. Then I looked on VersaMail on my 650, and found the same four messages were already there! I'm almost positive that the 650 did not check for messages on it's own, and I don't have it set to "auto-check", so it must have happened during the HotSynch.

So if this is really what happened, is it a function of OS5(HotSynch), or is VersaMail doing it?