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    Too Funny: Phone Startup/Shutdown Screen

    heh, I found some Button Overlays today, and loaded a red one using Button manager. My Phone reset, and now it says "Welcome to Sprint" with the Sprint Logo (Instead of the VZW). ONce the Phone is on, even the phone banner says Verizon Wireless. Otherwise the thing works perfectly, ROFL. But, it answers a question: "Can the Phone Startup and Shutdown screens be altered without too much trouble? Apparently, the answer is yes....but how? Hmm.... I did it on the 7135, and even replaced the banner at the top... Hmmm....
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    The screens are all over this site, and there are sites devoted to this type of thing. Last night I found a site with HOMER SIMPSON and others, as well as Matrix. Just takes a little looking.

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