JPMobile released an update to Surewave Mobile Defense (formerly PDA Defense) yesterday. This one is listed as being 'certified' for Treo 650's.

The bad news: The default installer will still leave your Verizon Treo in an endless reset loop, forcing a hard reset to recover.

The good news: It's possible to get things working (mostly).

First backup your Treo!

There is a directory in the .zip called "Palm OS 5 Individual Installer Files" Extract these to a folder.

DELETE the PDADefenseCardLib.prc and PDAGuard.prc files.

Install the rest. The Treo will reset (possibly twice) and then you will have a SureWave icon under system that you can set up.

The bad news is that you have no support for encrypting SD cards. The card library is apparently incompatible with Verizon units. They tech I spoke with has opened an issue and they are investigating it. It seems to be ok on GSM units.