I was at PalmGear and saw this awesome address book/picture software, but was bummed out when I saw the following message in the 2nd paragraph below...

Get in control of your Address Book! Contacts 5 Photo Edition gives you all the features of the award-winning Contacts 5 along with many popular enhancements. The extremely simple yet beautiful interface gives both the novice and professional user streamlined use of managing contacts and relationships.

(Compatibility Note: This product is only compatible with Palm OS handhelds having a 320x320 or higher resolution screen.

Due to bugs in PalmOne's PIM database compatibility layer, this product is also incompatible with the Tungsten T5, Tungsten E2, and Treo 650 handhelds.

We hope that PalmOne will release an operating system patch soon for these devices.)

Note that this was written by the developers BEFORE the Verizon version came out. I do plan on contacting the developer but I might get the answer here faster.Is it possible or does anyone know if this

"PalmOne's PIM database compatibility layer"

has been fixed for the Verizon release?