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    Problem 650 and Verizon?

    I have had my 650 almost a week now(switched from I600), and have not been able to complete a call yet. I have never had more than 2 bars with this phone with Ver, but have filled the bars with the extended network, in the extended mode I have to do the area code to complete the call. With the I600 I never had a problem anywhere. I am in an area that has me overlapped in Quadcoverage. It seems I cannot connect to the Ver network, but can to the extended.
    I put the call in to Teck support 2 days ago, but still no go. I have done numerous soft and Hard resets to no avail. This is with NO 3rd party software.
    Problem is in the extended network I can not access the internet. I get the error code that says the National Access is not available.
    Am I due a new phone or am I missing something?

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    Return your phone and get in a new one while it is still within 14 or 30 days (I forget which one is applicable here). Don't just sit and wait for Verizon to resolve your problem, be proactive and get them on the phone and don't let them go until they fix it. If you wait for them, your trial period will run out and your problem will likely never be fixed. You may also want to try diabling "digital roaming" from the "phone preferences" that is accessed from the keypad/dialer screen.

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    This is a known issue with authentication on the VZW Network, and a fix is on the way that will allow this to be automatic. On occasion, some 650's aren't getting ALL of the 26 digits needed to authenticate, and so it prevents them from getting on the network (well duh). Getting the complete key assigned to your esn is easy if you call the Data Support Department. IT's doubly good since they will listen to issues you are having with the thing that could be for ALL vzw 650's. For now (unless you have already taken the thing back), you can get the whole Authentication code from the data department, and key it in. Call them on a landline at 18009220204 and they will give you the directions over the phone. I did this yesterday and the thing is working like a champ now, and connects even faster than it was trying to before
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