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    List of Media Players

    Does anyone have a list (small or large as it may be) of Media Players for the 650?

    Note that I tried MM Player, but it's not real user friendly. Getting a video to play seems almost by accident and gives me a feeling of

    "I don't know how I did it, and I'm not sure I can make it happen again without hitting a bunch of buttons"

    I tested 3 videos on this and ran into unique results with each.

    Video 1, Mpeg, played too small and 2x was too large

    Video 2, avi, played audio only (none of the included video) for 2 seconds, then stopped. This is a 10 second video in total.

    Video 3, Mpeg, played perfectly

    All of these videos were copied directly from my desktop. I literally just dropped them into the SD card using Card Export so no "conversion" was done. Which leads me to my next question...

    Does a conversion need to be done on videos that MMPlayer or any other player that natively supports them, or can you do what I did, just drop the file onto the SD card and it should work right away?

    Also, please don't forget the first question

    What Media players are out there..

    From searching this board, I know that there are at least 3;

    1. MM Player
    2. Kinoma Player
    3. Beta TealMovie

    Any comments, hints, tips or reviews about these 3 and any new players would be great. Thanks.

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    From the mmplayer manual:

    "A common misunderstanding about file formats is to think that once a player
    supports a particular file format, any file using that format can be played. This is
    not true.
    File formats are like chapter headings. Once the media player knows the file
    format, which can often be done by looking at the extension (e.g. mp3 or avi), it
    can then attempt to read the contents of the information within the paragraphs of
    the file.
    Considering a couple of example may help. As a first example consider an mp3-
    file. An mp3-file can only contain one audio stream. Knowing this the reader can
    expect that it will be required to play an audio file. However, this still does not tell
    the reader how the audio is written. As a second example consider an avi-file. An
    avi-file can contain one audio stream and one video stream. Knowing this format
    is not sufficient for a media player to know how to play the contents contained in
    the audio or video stream.
    In summary, being able to read a file format is like being able to discern the
    chapter layout of a book. The reader can see where each chapter starts and ends,
    but if the language of the chapters is unknown to him, he can’t read the book
    anyway; so he needs to be able the read the language also. File formats assist a
    media player to read a file; however, by itself it’s not enough to insure that the
    media player will be able to read the file contents. "

    In short, some files will play while others may not. I don't do any conversion and things seems to work fine for me most of the time. I don't think you are going to find a better player than mmplayer, its definitely the most powerful one available. You may wish to try tinkering with the settings, increasing the buffers, etc.

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    The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) is another one you can try out. People seem to be real happy with it even though is supposed to only be Alpha quality.
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    The Core Media player above is the best that I have tried on the Treo. It will play many different resolutions and resize them for the Treo perfectly. Sound is great too. Also,while in Beta (it works great now), it's free!!!
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