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    Help - Infinite reboot!!!

    My Verizon 650 is stuck in an continuous, infinite reboot cycle. First the PalmOne screen with the progress bar, then the Palm Powered screen, then the PalmOne screen with the progress bar, and so forth forever.
    I have had this problem several times now, and can't seem to find the cause. The first few times I thought I was loading a bad application, but eventually got everything to work properly. Tonight I accidently dropped the phone about 6 inches while putting it into the charger and it happened again.
    It's beginning to feel to me like my 650 has a problem that isn't normal.
    Any ideas from the user group?
    Whatever, it is getting old having to completely start over from a hard reset every time this happens, particularly since there doesn't yet seem to be a good backup/restore to SD card utility for the 650 (like there was for my 7135).

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    Sounds like there's something wrong with your 650, and you should have it replaced by Verizon.

    As far as backup/restore programs, I use BackupBuddyVFS on my Sprint Treo 650, and it works great!

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    I have a similar problem when my 650 is at home and the bluetooth tries to connect to my computer every so often. It will reset on it's own. It does it every 15 minutes or so.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with the BT, but it only does it at home when the BT is trying to automatically connnet.

    I had the continuous reset problem that you are having when I was loading my old applications from my 7135. There were just some applications that didn't work. I don't know if it was because of OS5 or the 650.

    Sorry, I can't offer a solution. I just didn't want you to feel alone.
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    Angry Verizon 650 Rebooting

    I ahve a Verizon Treo 650 that seems to reboot whenever it feels like it. Has anyone else experienced this with Verizon? I know other carries 650's have and palmOne has updates for them, but nothing listed for Verizon.


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    My T650 (new as of yesterday afternoon) rebooted 3 times today randomly... don't know why, but it did. I haven't had a problem using it at all, but I have noticed this.

    PS - Twice, I may have been making changes online to my Wireless Sync account perhaps during an active sync attempt from my T650, so this may have caused it, but I'm not at all sure about this.

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    Mine did that a lot. I found that if you have programs that are set to do something at a certain time, ie. Backupbuddy etc. can somehow create resets. Mine kept locking, not allowing my alarm to go off to wake me up, as soon as I touched the thing, it would go into a soft reset.
    I started running backupbuddy manually, and haven't had an suprise reset yet.
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    It seems that the treo 650 is very touchy. There are alot of programs out there that don't necessary work well with the Treo. One of the programs that I noticed is Filez and depending on how much internal memory you are using you can also get resets. Sometimes it is a ringer that you may have downloaded that it does not like. I have experimented with my treo and found that if I really don't need the program don't use it. If it is in a continuous loop of resets - then try a hard reset if this does not work then take it back and get a new one. As time goes on we will find new ways to deal with these problems but for now the product is fairly new and I guess Palmone is using us as gienee pigs ( I don't think I spelled that correctly).

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    Wow, I thought I was the only one. My phone went into the reset loop a few times now. Just exaclty what everyone is saying, even the one time I connected it to the car charger, just when I was leaving on a long trip. I had to do a hard reset. Then all my preferences were messed up and my speed dial/pages were gone. Its very frustrating because then I have to delete the back-up folder and re-syc. If I don't do that all the third party apps start to load. I had tried voice dialer when I got the phone and it happened, so that application was quickly taken off the phone. The only third party apps I have is AOL and Pocket Quicken. I still have a lot of memory available. Keep the thread updated if anyone has an answer to this problem. If it keeps happening, I'll use your advise and go back to Verizon.


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    This happened when I did the system upgrade. I ended up having to create a new profile and reload the few 3rd party apps I had. I dont know what was conflicting.


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    all the resets didn't work

    Like many of us on here (check out other forums--it's all over the place), my Treo developed the "CONTINUOUS REBOOT" issue after about two weeks. I was using Snappermail Enterprise Edition and was downloading an e-mail message when it happened.

    I've been in touch with PalmOne support, who verified that the phone was defective and would need to be replaced. We went through a soft reset, system reset, hard reset, and a "ZERO-OUT" reset. This last reset may be of use for some of you (it didn't work for me, but give it a try). The link to the procedure is here (use METHOD TWO):


    You will need TWO people to perform this reset. It is a pain in the butt. Please post if it cured some of your problems.
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    I had that problem but it was due to incomaptible apps I had on my 7135. Careful loading of apps a few at a time then hotsync and test. Ones that dont work get removed and I load the next set of apps. Finally a hard reset and reload all teh working apps.

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    I think I also read that the SD card slot has some issues and that a SD card that isn't making good contact can also cause reboots. I saw where somebody recommended putting a "shim" behind the card to prevent this.

    Would hope that this isn't necessary only in cases where a cheap SD card doesn't meet specs but who knows.
    Regards, Steve

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