Well, this sucks. Got my Treo 650 May 15th. My keyboard and external buttons stopped working today. The screen buttons work fine, and in the palm applications, the keyboard worked just fine. Just nothing when I'm in the phone mode. I can still make calls, and the PALM works, so it's not too bad.

I spend an hour on hold for customer service, and they tell me to go to the Verizon Store. Spend a few minutes at the store, and she calls Customer Service. 45 minutes later someone picks up, she tells my story, and hands the rep off to me. He tells me to do a hard reset.....ok, my data is backed up, so...here we go....the up arrow works to "erase my data", but then when the phone asks me to pick a language - nothing - won't work. I put my SD card in and somehow make it to screen two that asks me to type a "z". Won't work. It's stuck there, and several hours later it remains there, asking for the "z".

So, I went in with a slightly crippled 650, and they killed it. Oh, and there are no new Treo 650's in stock, and the customer service guy and the store manager get into it to figure out who gets to give me a new phone. They finally offer to send me a REFURBISHED Treo 650 for a week, until the store gets a Treo in stock - which they think MIGHT be by FRIDAY. (I pass on the refurbished Treo, and I'll just use my spare Treo 600 - I don't want anyone to suggest I keep the Refurbished phone.)(And, I was HOPING they were going to SEND me a new Treo - instead of having me come in and exchange my phone - as I was thinking of hanging on to the battery. Oh well.)

(As an aside, they did show me a "new" way to do a hard reset - remove the battery while pressing the Hang Up button.)

I'm wondering if I tried to do a HotSync on the phone if it might bring back some functionality. Oh well, back to installing software on the Treo 600.