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Thread: 3g2 files?? Eh?

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    3g2 files?? Eh?

    Okay, I'm spoiled. I have a Sony Mavica CD camera that takes MPG files so I'm not all that familiar with other file formats. What is a 3g2 file? Can I convert it to MPG? I have this absolutely adorable video of my kids I took with my phone and I want to add it to our family website... all our videos are done in MPG and I don't want to randomly change that just for an occasional video with the phone.

    ANYWAY... what do I do with this 3g2 file and is there a way to make the Treo default to MPG?

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    .3g2 is an MPEG-4 file. See PalmOne for basic details or All Streaming Media for the real skinny on it.


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