I'm using non-English characters in people's names in the Treo650 Contacts app. The 'Alt' key is great for entering such non-English characters into Contacts but I'm struggling how to search against such names from the Phone app. Basically it looks as if the 'Alt' key is disabled in search for contact names from the Phone app. What am I doing wrong? How can I enable 'Alt' key in this case?

To see the problem do the following:

1. Entering

- Go to Contacts app
- Start creating a new entry
- While typing a Name enter the letter 'A' and then hit 'Alt'
- Select a non-English character from the drop down list

2. Searching

- Go to Phone app
- Initiate Contact name search for the name entered above using 'ALT' after entering 'A' for the non-English character
- Instead of the list of alternate characters I get an OK confirmer that say what 'Alt' does so I can not search on non-English characters

Any ideas?