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    Angry Does anyone want to hear how I spent 2 hours in the Verizon Store?

    This is just a story relating my aggravation with Verizon's employees.

    In April I got married and in May I moved from Birmingham, AL to Jacksonville, FL. I purchased a Kyocera 7135 in Huntsville, AL in March 2003. I was told I could get the "New Every 2," and I hoped that my 7135 would last that long.

    In July 2004 I moved from Huntsville to Birmingham and used thier absurdly-titled "EZ Move" to change my phone number to a Birmingham area code. This resulted in 2 months of almost weekly bills from Verizon. Some were for -$29 DO NOT PAY. One was for 3 times my ordinary bill. Twice in the same week, Verizon sent me checks for $14. Eventually, all of this got solved and I thought I was done with it.

    So last month, us newlyweds went to the Verizon store near our new home in Flordia. We wanted to combine our 2 plans into a Family Share plan and get new numbers with Jacksonville area codes. The guy at the counter was very friendly and helpful and got us all set up. He mentioned as he was looking at the computer that I had just become eligible for New Every 2 and asked if I wanted a new phone. I said "no thank you" because I wanted to hang on to my 7135 as long as possible (I love it).

    Anyway, 2 weeks ago, my 7135 started acting funny and will now spontaneously hard reset every 4-48 hours. And the battery will drain about twice as fast. So I went down to the Verizon store to get a Treo 650.

    I knew I was in trouble when the lady at the counter said I wasn't eligible for New Every Two until May 2006. I talked to a second person in the store, he called some person and was put on hold. The person on the phone said I did not start my service until May 2004. He even said they did not have the NE2 promotion in 2003. If that was true, NOBODY would be upgrading two-year old phones and they would have thought I was crazy the moment I brought it up.

    So by this time, the store was 20 minutes from closing and the store rep was ready to send me home. I asked him if there was anybody else he could call, and he said "I guess so."

    Finally, after 2 hours, at 9:15pm, they had charged my credit card for a $299 Treo 650. This was on Tuesday. He said I would get the phone on Thursday or Friday. Hopefully it will get it sometime this week.

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    WOW, you wasted 2 hours and $299.00. Too bad you didn't read much of the 7135, the Treo600, or this board.

    People with failing 7135 - even those who owned them for one day - are getting F R E E phones, at the begining a Treo 600, and now a Treo 650. The ones (like me) who got a Free Treo 600 turned around and SOLD the 600 - usually for $200 or so - and turned around and bought a Treo 650 for $299.00. Now that Verizon appears to have dropped the Treo 600 in favor of the Treo 650 reports are that they are giving away the Treo 650.

    MAYBE, MAYBE, MAYBE, if you are lucky, you can UNWIND the Treo 650 purchase, and CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Tell them exactly what you told the people in the store. 10 times out of 10 it has been reported on this site that the Verizon customer is offered a F R E E Treo 600/650. You are the first - of many, many, many posts - that report someone had to buy a Treo following the death of a 7135.

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