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    Realplayer Freezes Treo 650 VZW

    Hi Everyone,

    Have a question on my Treo 650 that Verizon and Palm can't figure out. Got a 650 about a month ago, got a 1GB card for music, movies, games, etc. Music worked great on Realplayer until about two weeks ago when all of a sudden it just quit working. When I'd click on Realplayer I'd get a flash "Scanning files" and then it would freeze the phone. I'd have to do a soft reset to clear it. Was instructed by Verizon and Palm to do a zero-out reset, but that didn't work either. They thought it was a Realplayer problem on the ROM and shipped me a new phone - still doesn't work. Any ideas?

    I did install the Core Media Player which plays the audio files fine. All other media on the card (movies, games) play fine.

    Also, is there any way to look at what all is on the SD card through my PC (like in a windows-based PDA)?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you get an SD Card reader for your computer (they're very cheap and extremely fast, so worth having anyway), you can look at your SD card just like any other drive on your computer.

    If you want a quick (free) fix, try getting FileZ for your Treo. It's available from palmgear.com and it's freeware. It will let you look manipulate your SD card just like on a windows computer, with nested folders and everything.

    I don't know if this will fix your problem, but have you tried reformatting your SD card? Probably couldn't hurt to wipe your card and reload all the files you want on there, in case there's some bad data giving you grief.

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