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    is there any way to have verizon $5 wap internet on a treo 650?

    i really only use the internet on a phone to view news, sports and weather. wap service for $5 a month would be fine. is there any way to get that on the treo? you could get it on the kyocera 7135.

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    I've not seen it on the Treo phones.

    Have you tried AvantGo? www.avantgo.com.
    It is simular to wap, but you customize what you want to pull down. Unfortunately, you have to connect (or sync with your computer) to pull the info down, it isn't a auto update like wap services.

    Some of the links only update once a day or less, but you have a huge selection of things to pull down.

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    You might be served well by an RSS reader. There are several that will update RSS feeds using the Treo's cell connection, and it'd use less bandwidth than Blazer.

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