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    Synching with Outlook Problem

    I use the Palm Desktop on a laptop and a desktop at home, and have no problems hotsynching my treo 650.

    At work, I use Outlook. The first time I did a synch everything was fine. I was able to merge my personal and work calendars and all my contacts.

    I went home and did a hotsysnch on each of the machines to update the Palm desktop.

    The next day, I hotsynched to Outlook and got a message that I had synched to another manchine and some files could be damaged.

    Sure enough, the calendar and contact entries were all duplicated on both the desktop and the handheld.

    I erased all the outlook information, did a hard reset on the handheld and restored from backup buddy. That got me back to where I was before the duplicated entries.

    Does anyone know how I can synch to several machines without having Outlook duplicate everything ? It's almost like Microsoft was jealous /

    I did a search and I can't find an answer to my problem, so if anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate it.
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    look in hotsync options on your work desktop and you'll find options that deal with duplications. in this case, you should set it to handheld wins.

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    Removing Outlook Duplicates When Syncing to Multiple Machines

    See the following site to fix your issue


    Good luck!

    Note: If the above link does not send you straight to the article, go to the Palm One website and search for article #26038
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    did sundstroms solution work? I am having the same issue and it is driving me nuts.

    Thank you
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