I was having touble with my Treo 650, it kept rebooting. The Sprint store gave me a new on and instructed me to load each piece of software individually until I find the software that caused the issues. So I uninstalled the PalmOne product then reinstalled just the basic sync software from the Treo 650 CD.

My problem is that I use Outlook and I can't sync my calendar. Everytime I look at "Custom" the "Calendar (Outlook)" option is set to "Do Nothing". I go in and change it to "Syncronize the files" or even "Desktop Overrides Handheld" and neither works.

I made sure to check the "Set as default" button. I went into settings and "enable syncronize when Outlook is offline" option. But as soon as I make the change I get an error that says "Hotsync.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You need to restart the program. An error log has been created." Then hotsyc closes.

Conacts, Task, Memos and Documents to Go all sych up just fine. I have unloaded and reloaded the PalmOne software all morning. I did not have this problem until last week when my original 650 started rebooting.

I've looked at the PalmOne website but, as usual, it didn't help me at all. Has anyone run into this issue? How did you fix it?

Thank you!