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    VOLUMECARE causes endless reset cycle/Hard Reset!

    I just killed a buddy's Treo600 installing VolumeCare, and when I installed it on my Treo650 a similar problem occurred.

    I emailed myself VolumeCare and installed it from SnapperMail (in my buddy's case, I beamed it to him.) I installed version 2.18, brand new from the TreoCentral web site.

    When I installed VolumeCare, the installer said I needed to reset my phone, and son-of-a-gun if it didn't start an endless reset cycle.

    Not wanting to do a hard reset, I played around with the buttons, and discovered if I held the PHONE button down during a reset the phone would come up. If I tried to go to the Palm side from there, the endless re-boot cycle started all over again.

    What I discovered was that if I got it back to the phone, and created a shortcut to the FILEZ program, I could run FILEZ and DELETE the VolumeCare program off the ROM. I did a re-boot after that, and everything was safe.

    The moral of the story? Daily backups, of course, but more importantly, it's a good idea to do a backup BEFORE installing new software. Of course, it also is a good idea to be careful installing VOLUMECARE until this little bud is worked out by the software writer.

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    majorly buggy still

    Just reading the nightmares on several sites about volumecare and BTmute made my decision for me. SKIP THEM BOTH !!!

    They need major refinement. Ask for your $9 back.

    I have found Nirvana with the BT Treo Wireless headset and a set of Eargels from Jabra.


    I got my Treo BT headset from Treocentral for $70 and the eargels from Radio shack for 8 or 9 bux.

    BY FAR, the best thing I ever bought for my Treo650. I had to turn down the volume of my headset cuz callers were too loud.

    The Treo headset is autoanswer and redials. Cannot mute from the headset but I never do anyways. I removed the earloop completely from my Treo headset cuz it is not needed if using eargels. They form fit to the ear.

    Check the link or lookup Jabra Eargels in google.

    Greatest volume increase for BT headsets. Gotta run ....

    Enjoy your toy and your improved volume
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