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    Verizon data charges?

    So today I my Kyocera 7135 was replaced with a Treo 650. The treo is a very nifty little machine and I have to say I'm pretty impressed, however I'm wondering about data pricing. On my old phone data useage was simply by the minutes. However with this new phone I noticed that it keeps track of kilobytes on the call log total screen. Has anyone who's had their 7135 replace had verizon drop data by minutes from their plan? If I heard some stuff earlier right I could have over $250 in charges simply trying to set up my email on this phone(1.6m @ $0.15/kb)!

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    Dump Verizon. Switch to Sprint.

    Irecently upgraded from a Kyo 7135 to a Treo 600 on Verizon. I opted not to go with a data plab as I rarely went on-line or checked my email. So after my 1st month I checked my bill and found a data charge of $19.

    When I called Verizon to inquire I was told that they could provide me with a detailed report of my data usage if I first provided them with a court order. They then went on to say that sending and receiving text messages counts as data usage. When I asked why I'm paying $3 a month for 100 text messages, they said all they know is that it counts as data usage.

    Anyway my contract with Verizon was already up, so I switched to Sprint and the Treo 650. I mean how can you beat $15 for unlimited data.


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