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    Question Thoughts on unlocking VRZ 650 to move to Sprint

    Any thoughts on unlocking a Treo650 for use on Sprint? Verizon is charging over 3 times as much for unlimited internet than Sprint is.
    I like Verizon but no cell phone internet is worth $45 for unlimited access on a little screen.
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    You won't be able to do this, because Sprint only allows their branded phones on their network. So, the ESN for the Verizon 650 wouldn't be in Sprint's database.
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    650 on Sprint

    Why not consider selling your 650 on Verizon and signing up for Sprint if that is the issue. A few months of internest use will cover any loss you may take in switching. I would really recommend against Sprint though customer service and billing is lousy. Replacement of a phone was a pain every time it happened.

    I had 5 phones on sprint and paid the fee to get off of Sprint. Lousy customer service is a nice thing to say, especially after 4 late charges on non payment of a bill that they had set up for autopay. I was informed that Sprint "Does not make mistakes, It was not their fault that they did not deduct the payment on time" I was with Sprint for 1 year and when it was over, I jumped over to Verizon and have not looked back. I even transferred 10 phones from Cingular due to their poor customer service and support.


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