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    7135 to 650 worked great! but memos & tasks?

    I (think I) followed Marty's instructions and made the cleanest transistion EVER! But my memos and tasks didn't come over. I've got lots of categories for both so don't want to beam them all...

    Can I just pull them from my 7135 backup?


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    Beam Category

    I transferred over 700 contacts/addresses from the 7135 to the Treo 650 in about 3 minutes. The same applies for Memos and Tasks. Here's how:

    On the Treo 650, create Category names that match the ones you had on the 7135 AND still want to use on the Treo. Make sure "Beam Receive" is on in your Treo Preferences and both devices have batteries charged or AC connected.

    On the 7135, go to Memos or Tasks and select each Category you have there. From the Menu, choose Beam Category and just aim it at the Treo. There you go! You will get a screen on the Treo that says "OK to receive" or words to that effect. On that screen there is a choice of which Treo category you put these records into. Hope this helps.
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