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    bt headset compatability and other new user questions?

    good afternoon collective,

    my 650 got here last night. <cough> WOOT! this thing rocks.

    I wanted to buy a playtronics m2500 headset at sams, can anyone tell me if anything bluetooth will work, or is there a list of specific headsets that work?

    hmmm...maybe I should do a search...too excited.

    and (though I'm embarrased to admit this) how do I tell if vzw has added a data plan to my bill? I got the phone via a 7135 replacement and I've never tried to view the account online before. I just finished looking at it (online) and nowhere do I see what plan I have now. dare I just wait until the next bill gets here and see if they've just added a $40 data plan? that seems kinda stupid, and I'm too chicken to ask at the store lest the automatons there add one if there isn't one there already.

    I will have oh, only a million more questions...man is this thing cool.



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    Your data plan should be listed under My Account/Statements/Service Profile.

    VZW Treo 650 since May 30, 2005

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