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    Looking at Launchers, what about VoiceCommander

    If I'm going to add a launcher, voice activation sounds cool. Looking up contact names while driving isn't a real good habit.

    If I don't do that, its a tough choice between ZLauncher, Hi-Launcher and LauncherX. Anyone have any experience with one or more of these?

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    I had used LauncherX for years on my Visor and Kyocera 7135.

    When I upgraded to the 650, I liked how I didn't have to use the stylus on the standard-palm launcher. Sadly, there's no real way to launch an app from LauncherX without taking out the stylus. You can use the directional buttons to change tabs, but not pick apps.

    So I switched to ZLauncher this weekend. I don't have to pull out the stylus as much. The two are fairly comparable, but I would say ZLauncher is slightly better in pretty much everything (customizability, file manager, themes, etc.).

    It makes LauncherX seem kind of mediocre. But if not for the support for the 650's 4-way cursor button, I wouldn't have felt compelled to switch.

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    I also have LauncherX. I got it about two years ago for my 7135. At the time, it seemed like pretty much the best. Unfortunately, it has seen only 1 (minor) update in that time. I'm continuing to use it because it mostly gets the job done and I'd rather not buy another launcher.

    There is a slight workaround to the limited 5-way support. You can hit the letter key matching the first letter of the program you want to run, and LauncherX will put a selection box around it (you can move the box with the 5-way). To run the selected program, press the enter key (the center button won't do it). Admittedly, this is pretty lame. But now you know.

    I haven't played with any other launchers, but you might consider taking a look at Initiate Lite or iSpin, as both are available for free.

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    I am very interested in this post as I am also interested in using a Launcher.
    Isn't there a fix for the button navigation problem with LauncerX ?


    I don't know if it works but am interested in hearing if it does ?

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    Thumbs up ZLauncher is tops for me

    Tried several others on a free trial basis and the only one worth paying for was ZLauncher. I see it has a new upgrade a few days ago. Upgrades for previous Zlauncher 5.x users are free.
    Major customization. Background pics. Colors, Fonts everything you will ever need in a launcher. I have 50 plus programs running from my SD card. I have like 12Mb free on the internal. Only my Dataviz products, Zlauncher and very few others are on my internal memory now. 90% of my programs launch right off the Sd card 1st try. The other 10% I needed to move a .db file or 2 to the internal memory and left the main program on the SDcard. I love this powerful little bastard.
    Reading or at least glancing at the manual is a MUST !!! There are tons of features and options.

    My favorites are the shortcuts from my SD card and that I made a new tab and filled it with programs I do not need to see. Like Notepad, Calendar and Phone. I dropped em all in a new tab and set the tab to 'hide'. Now all that mess is gone byebye and not in my face everytime I want to change apps.
    Worth $20 for sure.
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    I am using MegaLauncher on my 7135 and my new Treo 650. Works great with the 5-way and the Home button. Setting it up is much easier with the stylus, but once you configure it, its easy one-hand operation.

    It also uses app links, so you can run apps without having to browse to the SD card.

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