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    Howya Doing For Memory?

    I'm down to 21% free. Is this too low? Just right? Anyway, these are the bigger apps I've got; most (all?) cannot be moved to the card.

    AA Flights 372K - cannot move
    Agendus Pro 1.89M
    BackupBuddyVFS 310K - cannot move
    ChatterEmail 2.2M
    CradleCare 102K
    LightWave 222K
    MegaLauncher 1.59M - cannot move
    MobileDB 359K
    PTunes 939K
    RealPlayer 533K

    If you folks know if any of these apps can be moved to the card, let me know. I'm thinking pTunes, but maybe not.


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    Isn't RealPlayer in the ROM?

    Just an FYI, in case you were unaware of it, if you use photos with Agendus Pro, it will create it's own (proprietary) versions of those photos in RAM. They are larger than JPGs (usually in the neighborhood of 65k). This eats RAM in a hurry. They'll be named _AGP_Imagexxxxx.

    I know what Snappermail can live on a card, but you must sacrifice auto-retrieve (and possibly some other features). I don't know if ChatterEmail will behave similarly.

    And MegaLauncher is HUGE! Maybe you should consider switching to a launcher with a smaller footprint.

    Sorry I'm not much help...

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    I've also run low on memory; only 3.8M left. I love trying and having applications that make things easier.

    I use PowerRun to run some of the less used applications off of the SD card. It works fine, but adds a few extra seconds to launch time.

    I dumped Poket Tunes just because of the size. It didn't seem worth it, and have resisted adding a launcher due to their size.
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    Doing fine here. I've got 7.8 MB free with the help of the Sprint 1.08, and now the 1.12, ROM update.

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