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    no wireless sync = no data?

    New 650 (replacement for 7135, Verizon). If I do not set up the wireless sync option, is there anything else that will automatically connect to the data network or can I be sure it won't connect and I wont be charged for data?

    BTW - on the invoice when the phone came, it stated PayGo was added to my account. I was using MOU for data. I use very little data so I am not concerned as long as it doesn't connect on its own.

    So far, I love the device. No problems switching from the 7135.
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    Short answer - no automatic connections without warning.

    If you are careful not to put a check in the "Don't Show Me This Warning Again" checkbox, you will always be warned when the Treo 650 wishes to connect to the Internet, and it will say so on a screen with big Yes / No buttons. So far so good.

    You are accustomed to paying for data with MOU, and so was I. There was no reason to add Pay as you Go for kilobytes of data, and after a long phone call Verizon turned my billing back to the way I had it with the 7135 (and credited me for the kb they tried to bill).

    See the "I got my first Verizon bill after getting my 650" thread. I will post more there.
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