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    Voicemail and password quickdial

    Is there a way to dial your voicemail and enter the password in one quickdial? Like on the 7135 you could:


    and it would call and enter your password. Thanks!

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    Yes. In the edit speed-dial page, click More, enter your password sequence in the 'extra digits' box, and select 'Dial Extra Digits Automatically.'

    Be forwarned, if you use the Parrot Driveblue (maybe some other hands free devices, i dunno), having the 'dial automatically' thing checked screws up the voice-dial programming. You have to uncheck it if you want to tweak the voice-dial settings.

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    Yes it does screwup Bluetooth headsets

    I did the same thing by using the favorites buttons and used the dial extra digits set automatically. What happens the phone does not release after the first 10 digits are dialed so you will most likely not hear the prompts or password dialing. This is particuarly bad with Bluetooth headsets. I just changed from extra digits automatically to manual and then the phone releases after the ten digits and by pushing the dial extra digits button. This is probably not necessary if you are using the speaker on the Treo or a wired headset. The Treo has a terrible implementatioon of Bluetooth which causes this and other bluetooth headset limitations.

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