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    Angry Watch out for VZW billing for returned equipment

    VZW agreed to replace my 7135 for $199 recently. They said they would ship the phone and bill my phone bill. The next day, the data group offered me a free replacement and suggested that I just simply return the phone the other group sent me. No problem, or so it seemed.

    The $199 phone arrived and I simply returned it on their dime. When I got my bill the other day, I had been billed for the phone and the car power cord I ordered with it. I called to find out what was going on... here is where it gets annoying.

    VZW said they showed they received the cord and had applied a credit to my account. They said they would call me back in 7 days to see if the phone hit. Meanwhile, I am on the hook for the $249 (phone and cord). I told them this was not acceptable and they said just send a check for the usage charges. Well, easier said then done. I told them I was on auto bill. Her reply was, "Well, we will deduct the full balance and you should get the money back in about 1 to 2 billing cycles."

    Unreal... like I am going to let them hold on to my money for that amount of time for no real reason. In order to get around this, I had to disable my auto bill for now and will then have to reestablish it after the credit is applied. VZW is such a joke - she apologized, to which I told her that VZW is always apologizing for their stupidty. They need to fix their system in a bad way.
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    That is the reason i never autopay with ANY company. It gives the companies too much power.

    Yeah, it take a bit more work to write the check and mail it, but at least you have somewhat more control over your finances that way!


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