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    Treo 650 Phone Quality

    I've got an Audiovox 6600 ... had it for about a month and a half and never really cared much for it, especially the phone program ... slow, won't answer, won't dial ... when i'm on the phone many times people complain of echoing ..

    how's the phone quality of the 650??? I'm definately thinking of switching ..
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    Arrow Treo 650 Phone Quality

    I went through the same exact exercise... Got sick and tired of the failures on the 6600, so I broke down and picked up the 650.

    Works great, versamail is a bit touchy especially if you try with exchange activesync, but imap and pop are fine. Once you are all setup with versamail, everything starts clicking really well...

    Plus if the device does fail or restart you don't loose data... Big plus when you compare the the resets that occur with the 6600 unit... If it does restart its generally due to some 3rd party app that gets installed... You'll see that all over these threads...

    Never had a phone failure or data failure other than service related. Screen is crystal clear, just a very good device all around... BT works with some, but not all headsets, so be careful...

    I was also able to get Verizon to swap it even though it was past the original 15 day window. Especially when the phone is so buggy... It was a battle, but it was worth it.
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    IMO, the phone application on the 650 is definitely better than the one on the 6600, more intuitive and it just works better for me...

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