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    Verizon data network

    The Verizon reps seem to be singing out of the same hymnbook.

    Everyone must pay for data. No MOU. (until this week, 7 out of 10 reps told me that I would only be billed for minutes - not for kilobytes - there were 3 reps who weren't sure how that would work).

    When I point out that the 7135 used the same data network as Treo 650 the rep got quiet and acknowledges that I have a good point - but he can't help me. (Plus - you could tether the 7135 to a computer and use it as a modem. The 7135 was a superior data device compared to the Treo 650).

    Quite frankly - I understand that the EVDO network is worth more per minute than simple voice. But the 650 does not use EVDO - it just uses 1x.

    As a former 7135 user, I feel like Verizon has pulled a bait and switch on us.

    I'm not a very happy customer.
    (7135 to Treo 650 conversion)

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    Jhaupt, they pulled the bait and switch long ago... check out my thread on the kyo board. There's no difference between the Kyo and the Treo in their mind, they're plunger-water drinking crack addicts who don't give a flying f* about their customers and that's where it ends. If it wasn't for the span of the network, I would be off VZW so quick...

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