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Thread: i700 to T650

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    i700 to T650

    I need some step by step on moving data from a non Palm (I700) to the Palm based Treo 650.

    Hopefully, someone can help.

    I think Marty's procedure is for Palm to Palm units and I need to know how to make the transition before I order the T650.

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    If you are using the i700, then you are likely now using outlook for your PIM data sync. The Treo 650 also syncs to outlook - all your data will show up there. Then, you could change the Treo's sync method to the Palm desktop - if you would rather use that.
    The software and games programs are OS specific, and cannot be just ported over. There are both OS versions available of some popular games.

    Also, beaming takes care of some notes/memos, calender , and contact data - if you have a small ammount...
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