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    Treo 650 vs Samsung i730 what I learned

    I have been a Palm user since the original grey plastic case, and have treid a PocketPC only once before. But last week I couldn't resist the potential of the Samsung i730. I went to VZ and aquired the phone with its EVDO, WiFi, Bluetooth, ability to run SKYPE, XM Radio, Outlook OMA, etc. I LOVED THESE FEATURES, it was liek having a pc in your hand with high speed internet all the time (I am in LA and EVDO is pretty much every where). But that was also the problem it wa slike having a PC in your hand and not a phone. The i730 is a pretty amazing PDA but a pretty horrible phone. I missed the easy one hand use of the Palm OS that I know so well, opnce i even went to make a phone call and got the Windows 'hour glass' (actually a color wheel while it thought about letting me make the call. But i gotta reiterate, EVDO, wifi, and OS that can run windows apps, that was amazing, when will Palm add these features, Treo 700 anyone?

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    Interesting. I got a 650 about a month before the i730 came out. I used it for 2 weeks and returned it. I need it first for phone capability. I was reading the forum on i730 every day (wife couldn't figure out what I was doing

    Bottom line: I don't care if I run Palm or Windows. I need the phone to operate as well as a simple phone. It would be great to have high speed and wifi. But once people started getting the i730 I determined it really wasn't ready for prime time. And the fact that it didn't have a camera (or at least camera option, as I do understand that you can't always get a camera phone into certain establishments) let me back to purchasing the Treo 650.

    If the Treo had wifi, EVDO and megapixel camera, it would be exactly what I need. I assume within the next 2 years we will see such a device!

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    samsung i730 = closer but no cigar

    no camera, still need a stylus to get around, keyboard not quite as finger friendly

    not the right balance of pda and phone funtions

    sticking with the t650 for another year or so...
    i300, i330, i700, i600, t600, t650, Q, Q9h, Fuze... now back to the Q9h

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