I am currently on a 30 day trial version of my Cingular 650 GSM. My company has a business contract with Verizon but I went with Cingular because of Edge and greater data coverage in my state (Minnesota)
I updated the Cingular with the latest ROM.
I have encountered a few problems. First, I am really not able to use Voicedial by Voicesignal. It tries to connect to dial but cannot after recognizing a name. Second, I am a little disappointed about Edge speed. When streaming Shoutcast even with 65kb/s, I get frequent interruptions for buffering. I did a test speed test and supposedly, I am running at 96 to 124 kb/s.

My questions are: How does 1xRTT speed compare to edge and does Voicedial work after the new Verizon upgrade. Please help!