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    Unable to Hotsync using the USB Cable

    I have never been able to get my 650 to hotsync using the USB cable. I can do it via Bluetooth only. Wasn't an issue until I wanted to update my Verizon 650 to 1.03. I have tried everything. I have reinstalled the desktop manager many times. I have the usb and the charger pluged in.

    On Palm.com I did find were it says to use the PalmUSB.sys drivers and not the PalmUSBD.sys drivers. The only drivers that get install are the PalmUSBD.sys ones.

    When connected the 650 isn't reconized by the windows device manager. When I startup the 650 realplayer windows discovers a palm device. This leads me to belive the cable isn't bad. I can transfer song to the SD card.

    I am a former 7135 user. I completely removed all traces of the old desktop before installing the 650.


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    I had the same problem - and before I went to all the trouble to reinstall software, I tried another USB cable. That was the problem. Even the new USB cable is sensitive about it's placement.

    I discovered the problem because the new one connected, then disconnected when I moved the phone.

    I've NEVER been able to synch using the expensive cradle I purchased.

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    I had the same problem. The USB cable that came with the 650 would never work. I have purchased a few others, from EBAY and they work fine. Fact is, the inexpensive (under 10 bucks) cables are even better. They will charge the phone from the USB power. No "wall rat" necessary.


    This one os only $6


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