Chit Chat Lite, ver 1.50

I love this software, and I love that it's free. It works like a charm on the 650 to allow you to use MSN Messenger on your Treo. Follow the directions and you can let MSN Messenger stay in the background. Heck, I was sitting at Burger King today, watching my kids play in the play area, listening to Jazz on the net using, and "chatting" with my sister-in-law in Switzerland using MSN Messenger on my Treo. So cool.

I tested it today using my wife's MSN Account and my Treo. While sitting at her computer, I sent several messages back and forth, and it was instant. No delay whatsoever.

Download it FREE at:

Set up is easy, and it does exactly what it says it wil do.

Now that I'm paying for Unlimited Data (36 Megs so far this month), well - this is pretty cool.