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    Is this a good way to upgrade my Verizon 650?

    I would like to do the Verizon software upgrade, but quite honestly, I am a little scared.

    Here is what I would like to do:

    1. Run a "backup" with Backup Buddy
    2. Do a "synchronize" everything hotsync.
    3. Remove the SD memory
    4. Do the Verizon Upgrade
    5. Replace the SD memory
    6. Run a "restore" with Backup Buddy
    7. Do a "synchronize" everything hotsync.

    Should I be able to save all my "activated" and "license installed" applications?

    I would appreciate the experience from someone that has done a similar upgrade.

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    i too would like some clarity on this.


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    I had one third party app (QuickMile) that did not automatically install the registration code when I backed up from BackupBuddy. Perhaps the reason it did not was because you have to enter the registration code into the desktop portion of the program, then HotSync.

    I ended up having to perform another hard reset because it went into the infinite loop immediately after the upgrade. I backed up from my SD card this second time with the same results as using BackupBuddy.
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